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Proven weight loss programs for a total lifestyle reset

No pills, no miracle. We focus on results putting you always first. Improve your health and shape by choosing your program now!

Our wide range of programs offers healthy solutions to meet your lifestyle needs

Select your choices from our monthly cycle menu that includes a wide variety of daily delicious meals

Your box is delivered to you with strict hygiene protocols from our kitchen to your door

We provide microwaveable containers so you can easily heat up your fresh meals right before eating

3-meal programs

Full diet program (customizable meal plan)

Our customized plan includes three (3) main meals with two (2) appetizers and snacks.

Price: (28 Days) 2829.420 SR / 275.044 BD

Carlton’s keto program consists of 3 main meals, 1 salad, and 1 snack. The diet is based on high fat, adequate protein and very low carbohydrate.

Price: (14 Days) 1449.48 SR / 146.664 BD

Lite xpress

Fixed plan that has three (3) main meals with two (2) appetizers and a snack product.

Price: (28 Days) 2369 SR / 215.66 BD


Juices, smoothies, and vegan meals for 3 days.

Price: 575.01 SR / 54.978 BD

2-meal programs

AM box

Breakfast and lunch meals with an appetizer and  a snack.

Price: (Per Box) 62.43 SR/ 5.5 BD

PM box

Lunch and dinner meals with two (2) appetizers and a snack.

Price: (Per Box) 79.68 SR/ 7.150 BD

Macrofit program

This program is a 2-meal plan with 3 fixed macro portions to suit your physical activity plan.

Price: 1100.09 SR / 104.764 BD

1-meal programs

Lunch box

Lunch meal with an appetizer, a snack, and a dairy product.

Price: (Per Box) 51.76 SR/ 4.950 BD

Determine what’s right for you

Other services

DNA fit test

Ever wondered if your genes affect your weight?

Price: 1437.5 SR / 137.5 BD

Body composition analysis

Want to know your fat and muscle analysis?

Price: 230 SR / 22 BD

Home menu

This program is ideal if you want to cook your favorite meals at home

Price: 345 SR / 33 BD