Carlton Nutrition Programs – Full diet program

Full diet program (customizable meal plan)

Our customized plan includes three (3) main meals with two (2) appetizers and snacks.

This is the perfect program for anyone who wants to lose weight. Our Registered Dietitians will design a food plan based on your needs, considering your current lifestyle, weight history, and medical status. The program will provide you with your favorite meals for the whole day, so you don’t have to worry about missing a meal while keeping up with a busy schedule.

You can also enroll in this program if you have a medical condition that calls for a special diet prescribed by a physician. Our dietitians will carefully design the meal plan to make sure all the requirements are met so you can enjoy your healthy meals.

This program is also excellent for those who want to strengthen and build their muscles, and work on their overall fitness goals. Our expert dietitians will devise a meal plan to provide you with all the macros you need so you will not rely on any other supplements.

Let’s take a look at some options…

Price - KSA

28 days
Without delivery: 2530.28 SR
With delivery: 2829.420 SR

Price - Bahrain

20 days: 196.460 BD
28 days: 275.044 BD