Carlton Nutrition Programs – Keto program

Keto program

Carlton’s keto program consists of 3 main meals, 1 salad, and 1 snack. The diet is based on high fat, adequate protein and very low carbohydrate.

Our team of dietitians & chefs crafted the Carlton Keto program following in-depth research & trials.

Speedy weight loss, blood sugar management, and appetite control are some of the keto diet benefits. Those are achieved as a result of lowering insulin levels, promoting fat loss, and increasing satiety.

*keto diet is contraindicated for certain medical conditions. Consult your physician & dietitian first.

Price - KSA

14 days
Without delivery: 1299.91 SR
With delivery: 1449.48 SR

28 days
Without delivery: 2599.83 SR
With delivery: 2898.97 SR

Price - Bahrain

20 days: 209.520 BD
28 days: 293.328 BD