• Full Program

    The” King” of all programs. 

    With the CNC full box program you get:

    • A consultation with a specialized dietitian during which: 

         1- A full body assessment is conducted revealing body weight, fat analysis, & water percentage in addition to muscle mass analysis, body mass index, metabolic age, visceral fat & many other body values

         2- Medical & diet history is discussed allowing the dietitian to provide the client with maximum nutritional information according to his health condition  

         3- Client can address any issue or concern to the dietitian with confidentiality

         4- A course of action is determined upon both, the client needs & the dietitian recommendations & calories are customized according to the target

    • A follow up visit every two weeks to reassess the client body analysis & conduct necessary changes according to the course of action 

    • A wide variety of meal selection in a “30-day” menu that caters to the most selective of clients & suits all needs from vegan to gluten free diets 

    • Medical nutrition therapy exclusive only to CNC full box program subscribers: The full box program is the program of choice to treat medical issues, such as diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, renal failure & many other nutrition related illnesses

    •  Access to specialized programs exclusive only to CNC full box program subscribers, such as “enhance your fertility program”, “revive your skin program”, “fertility program”, “schools program”, “diabetes program”, ”athletes program” or others

  • Lite Xpress Program

    Our center offers effective diet programs to help you reach your weight loss goals; Lite Xpress is one of our programs.

    • A diet program that features low fat healthy food 

    • With fixed calories for male and female, you can lose weight without nutrition advice or any calorie changes

    • This program is for 28 days a month 

    • There is no consultation & follow up with dietitian

    • You cannot use this program if you have complicated diseases, or if you have allergies, or if you need special food

    • Low cost program in one month

    • You can add consultation with dietitian to this program to know how to manage your calorie & weight loss in case needed

  • Lunch Box

    Are you upset with the way you look and feel after consuming a heavy lunch at work? Is the food you’re eating affecting your work performance? Is it difficult for you to obtain a healthy yet satisfying meal at an affordable price? Do you feel obliged to order and eat unhealthy food just because you have no time or place to consume a healthy meal?

    With CNC’s Lunchbox Program,we guarantee you a fulfilling yet tasty meal with a tempting price!

    Our Lunchbox Program offers you:

    • Appetizer, either a salad or a soup 
    • Main course 
    • Snack, either fruits or dessert 
    • Beverage, either laban, juice or water 

    All in one box delivered straight to your office!

    Subscribe for either 14 days or 20 working days.

  • Consultation


    1. Personal Information

    Welcome the customer and introduce one another, to record some of his personal information; the consultation then starts as follows:

    2. Medical History

    • Assess the medical history & check if there is any special medical condition to take into consideration like diabetes mellitus (DM), hypertension (HTN), ischaemic heart disease (IHD), hyperlipidemia, hyperuricemia, hyperkalemia, pregnancy, lactating, digestion problems, constipation, acidity or reflux & sensible colon,etc... 
    • Specify which food causes distress & name them for the customer 
    • Ask about medication & vitamin if existing & discuss the medication time especially if this interferes with the food intake 
    • Discuss with the customer his family history to set his risk factors 

    3. Activity Level

    • Assess the activity level & calculate the TEE to give recommendations, achievable target for exercise duration, intensity & frequency (USA standard)
    • Assess if the customer needs an after training snack 

    4. Weight History

    • Assess the causes & timing of weight increase 
    • Determine how stable was the weight the past year
    • Check what are the types of diets the customer has previously done, where & what was the result
    • Discuss the wrong diet techniques i.e. chemical, starvation, protein, crash, etc... 
    • Discuss herbal infusions/medications (pharmacological treatment) for weight loss if present & their health risks & how to stop them 

    5. 24hr Recall

    • The 24hr recall is to be taken for a whole day; usually the food intake in the last 24 hours is the most remembered by the customer 
    • Discuss wrong eating cues if present & give alternatives 
    • Assess how many snacks the customer needs: depending on the number of snacks he eats daily 

    6. Food Allergies & Food Dislikes

    Discuss food allergies & dislikes especially in case of hidden ingredients in food

    7. Tanita Recommendations

    Talk about Tanita recommendations before weighing

    8. Body Composition

    • Start body composition analyzer by using New Tanita-980 machine in addition to other measurements taken including waist & hip measurements, & different body measurements: legs, arms, wrist & chest
    • Discuss the measurements thoroughly with the customer along with the health risks of increased body fat, especially android types, & discuss the healthy ranges & targets
    • Discuss the ideal body weight (IBW) based on fat percentage & fat weight; in the same time explain about body mass index (BMI)
    • Discuss about reachable target as a first step; discuss also the ideal target even if the plan takes a year to be reached 

    9. General Recommendations

    • Discuss general recommendations in detail with the customer & explain what kind of food, drinks, artificial sweeteners they can have from outside the box
    • Give a print out including Tanita recommendations 

    10. CNC Standard Diet Programs

    • Explain about CNC standard diet programs
    • Now we can set the total calorie individually for each customer & explain that CNC programs are based on 50 - 55% carbohydrate, 20 - 25% protein & 30% fat covering all food groups, for the customer to have maximum vitamin & mineral intake
    • Unless there is a special case like renal dysfunction, the calorie & percentage will need adjustments 

    11. Interactions With Customers

    Customer can ask questions anytime if needed

    12. Follow-Up Consultation

    The follow-up consultation is not only about the weight loss but also about eating, menu, & some assessment for customer satisfaction

    13. Maintenance Diet Programs

    Explain the maintenance diet program needed when the target is reached, for at least 2 weeks with gradual calorie increase, to avoid regaining the weight lost rapidly because of his resting metabolic rate (RMR) decrease all through the diet period

  • Outlets

    CNC Express Shop

    Low calories/ Low fat Salads Low calories/ low sugar/sugar free Sweets/low fat snacks/Fruits and Fruit Salads Items are sold at our shop.

    Items sold are to be modified regularly according to customer comments and satisfaction. They will all be labeled with nutrition facts, ingredients and production and expiry dates.

    Books and magazines related to Diet, nutrition and healthy eating habits can also be found in our shop.

  • Cleansing Program


    CNC’s cleansing program is a 10 day detox program which will guarantee cleaning your body of the toxins, losing weight and feel better. Unlike other detox method, CNC’s cleansing program consists of juices and clean food.


    How it works:


    The first 3 days are complete juice days where customers will enjoy fresh fruit and vegetable juices! The purpose of this is to lighten up your body and give it rest.

    The next 2 days will include healthy and fresh soups and salads in addition to the juices which will help your body pump up the system. 

    The last 5 days of the cleansing program will include healthy food to your diet. This will help your body get accustomed to healthy food and get back to its normal process. 


    What will you achieve?

    This 10 day cleansing process will give your organs rest which often is difficult to achieve in our busy daily lives. This will stimulate the liver to drive toxins out of your body and thus improve circulation of the blood by refueling the body with healthy nutrients. This program will also help you lose weight in a healthy way.

    The weight loss for cleansing program expected is around 4 to 6 kg of fat and water

    After losing some weight it is preferable to join the weight loss program to maintain and implement healthy eating habits or to keep losing more  


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