Carlton Nutrition Center, Where Taste Meets Health

Carlton Nutrition Center is dedicated to offer expert nutritional resources, fitness and self care, it is established in 2002 and located in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and  Bahrain.

With the support of Aramco Management in KSA in 2007, the inauguration of Carlton Nutrition Center took place at Aramco Dhahran Camp, followed by two further openings at Aramco Ras Tanura and Aramco Abqaiq.

Carlton Nutrition center has multinational professional team hired for a specific combination of education, skills and expertise working in a high spirit of successful performance and dedication to ensure customer satisfaction. 

Through its wide variety of dishes inspired by a myriad of cuisines, CNC culinary artists bring delicacies of the world right into the meal. Our professional dietitians help you lose, gain, or  maintain your weight and improve your athletic performance.

New programs related to skin health, fertility, brain boosting, and many others are already launched in KSA.

Education and support are the core value of Carlton Nutrition Center social mission; hence nutritional programs and facilities are being launched in schools, universities and other academic institutions.

Carlton Nutrition Center is the effective, affordable and safe solution to nutrition concerns, through its commitment to foster a nationwide culture of wellness for a healthier living.

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